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GPS Car.png

It is a system capable of monitoring your vehicle, you can see in real time the location of your vehicle, stop it in case of theft, activate alarms, prohibited zones, alarm in case of exceeding speed limits, etc. All this information can have it on your cell phone, at your fingertips at an excellent price.

You can monitor your work vehicles, control where they are, what routes they have followed, if they exceed the speed limit, in case of theft they can track the vehicle to recover it, they can also optimize their routes by decreasing the gasoline, they can organize the best way to move your units and have more coverage. With this system you can reduce costs.

In case of theft, you can set alarms, in case your vehicle moves, in case you leave an area marked by yourself, in case of theft you can turn off the engine of the vehicle, it also detects if the vehicle is towed, disconnected battery and any abnormality that occurs, in case of theft can track the vehicle and denounce the palicia to recover your vehicle and catch the thieves.

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